Portfolios. They are sachets for holding the thing that you probably think about the most – money.

Considering how much effort we put into thinking and making money, we might as well keep it in style. I came up with a list of the 12 best wallets for guys, all of which are elegant and practical.

I have organized this list of portfolios during my own personal search for a portfolio. I am a teenager and it is super important for me to stay organized and have a wallet, so I will not lose any of my valuables. In the future, I will buy one of these portfolios, test it and write a detailed review on it. Stay tuned.

Note: I try to be completely transparent with my readers, so I want to mention that I make little commision if you end up buying some of these portfolios, which will fund this site. ?Also , I have not bought all these, so I can not guarantee that they are all great products, only they look cool on the pictures.

  1. Bellroy Note Sleeve

Loaded with several features and hidden pockets, this premium Bellroy wallet is the purse for the modern man. The Sleeve Note is a bi-fold and maintains a slim design allowing you to put it in the pocket of the leanest of your skinny jeans : click here

  1. HUSKK Italian Leather Wallet

Although it does not have the shape or design of your average wallet, this wallet has 3 pockets with enough space to hold up to 10 cards. With minimal pockets, the wallet has a slim profile. This is perfect for guys who are looking for something that will not pop up in their pockets.

  1. Herschel Supply Hemp Collection Charlie Wallet

  2. Extra Capacity Slimfold Wallet Levi

One of the best sellers, this Levi’s wallet is once sorting, allowing you to store a lot of cards, IDs, and bundles and wads of banknotes. With multiple pockets, you will be able to keep your accessories organized and easily accessible. There is also a net ID pocket allowing you to see your ID without taking it out of the wallet.

  1. Lemur Wallet 2

This Sweden wallet is simple but can hold all your cards, cash and coins. What makes this leather wallet unique is the way it is made from a foldable leather sheet. Using the buttons, you can fold and unfold the wallet.

  1. Sharkk Aluminum Wallet

Not in leather wallets? You might want to try the Sharkk Aluminum Wallet. With its on-box design, the Sharkk Wallet is RFID-protected, water-resistant and rugged. You can store multiple cards and cash with confidence inside this wallet.

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