When we talk about marriage, we immediately imagine the place of reception, the decoration of the tables, the famous wedding dress …  And the husband then? We tend to forget it, yet it is the other half of the couple and not the least! It is Monsieur who digs his head to find the best ways to conquer you. It is he who makes (in general) the marriage proposal and therefore, who is the instigator of all that follows. Here is a gallery of the most beautiful 2018 wedding costumes dedicated to our men to thank them for being … Our men!

Looks galore, all beautiful bride!

Just like the bride, the groom has a wide selection of costumes for his big day. Colors, styles, styles, cuts, the possibilities reach you! It’s up to you to marry them to create a look that looks like you.  Are you rather casual wedding suits for men? Choose a three-piece model from Faubourg Saint Sulpice. Colors are in the spotlight in their new 2018 collection, just like elegance!

Luxury and finesse

At Gentleson’s bespoke wedding suits for men, you’ll be treated to the finest materials. With costumes created from precious fabrics   you will be as comfortable as you are on D-Day. Customize your big day dress according to your desires and shine in front of your promised or promised. To please her without taking anything away from your style, wear a buttonhole with flowers that would go perfectly with the bouquet of your future wife.

Toxan Paris gives you the choice to play it Prince Charming with three-piece suits and very elegant pocket handkerchiefs! Imagine the costume of your dreams and entrust your ideas to this creator who will make your outfit to measure.

We love the originality of the black wedding suits for men signed Tailor Trucks embellished with a light blue shirt. At Vestibus Club, the groom dares a light wedding suits for men while his black bow tie gives him a dandy look.

At Chez Mon 31, there is the classic three-piece suit in light gray silk bow tie silk blue cashmere pattern or, for the more daring, a three-piece suit navy blue jacket suit is without lapel and the bow tie in lace. The shirt is adorned with a beautiful Mao collar.

The house ChrisVonMartial proposes for its part a very classy dark blue suit, with tie and white shirt. At Scabal, the groom looks like James Bond in his impeccably cut wedding suits for men, with his black bow tie and white shirt.

Creation Morgan offers on its side a wise set with a three pieces of beautiful cut, with a beautiful jacket long madly glamorous. Atelier Mesure offers the groom two possibilities: the three-piece wedding suits for men with tie or the bow tie costume combo that is very popular in 2018.

As beautiful as original

The most eccentric and original will add top of form and tail for a look at the Mr. Darcy! (The class ‘insured’).  And if you have a sense of detail, feel free to choose an outfit that fits the theme of your wedding. Think of a colorful jacket or a bow tie, for example. We recommend the models from Uncle Pape . This designer revisits the bow tie and offers a special material: wood!

If you’re getting married soon and still do not know how to dress up to stand out from all your male guests (who will surely wear costumes!), this gallery is for you. Combine the materials and accessories to be the most beautiful of the spouses with these 2018 wedding costumes!

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