We often rent cars in Cyprus, Italy or the USA. Sometimes it even turns out to be a reason to get acquainted with an unknown model. However, a rental car may be needed in Russia, and a lot of interesting nuances pop up here.

Svetlana Aleeva

Most of us associate a rental car with a vacation, or at least a weekend, and only then with a forced lease due to repairing our own car, the need to meet relatives from Saratov with suitcases when you have Smart , or wedding processions with huge inscriptions on the rear window. Limousines are very cheap. ” On how to rent a car abroad , the portal AvtoVzglyad wrote in detail, examining all the possible “bases” and advantages, among which – first of all freedom of movement on vacation.

In this holiday season, the euro with the dollar hits its pockets with unpredictability, and after all the May holidays are just around the corner. If you don’t have your car or you are afraid to go to the newly found Crimea on a “nine” or a low-clearance Lexus coupe, then why not rent a Ford Focus station wagon for a week? There are general tips that are suitable for both car rental abroad and the Russian rental market. But there are, as they say, nuances.

Features of national driving

What kind of cars do you prefer on the world’s largest car markets?


The main advice is to apply to large rolling offices of world renown. And this recommendation could be finished. You can see their stands at the airport or train station in any part of the world, their sites are clear and detailed, and the payment methods are obvious. In addition, such bureaus are often partners of Russian companies, for example, the airline, which allows you to qualify for discounts and bonus programs.

Prices for “officials” can be higher and the conditions for the requirements for the driver, work schedule and place of issue of the car are categorical.

For example, renting a compact hatchback Skoda Fabio with manual transmission and air conditioning will cost 2500-3000 rubles per day. Of course, the standard rental rule applies at rental: the more days, the cheaper – if you take a car for a couple of days, the cost of rental per day will drop to 2,000 rubles. The deposit in such companies, which is usually “frozen” on the client’s credit card, is quite large – about 40,000 rubles. The cost of the tariff includes insurance OSAGO and CASCO, however, most often with a deductible – that is, the damage is cheaper than 1000 euros the tenant pays out of pocket.

The minimum age of a driver is usually 23 years, for cars of economy class sometimes there is indulgence from the age of 21, and the minimum driving experience is three years. As in insurance companies, in rental companies, the pledge and the amount of rent may depend on the driver’s age and length of service.

In general, global rental companies operate in Russia under the same conditions as in other countries. Movement across Russia in such companies is not limited. For issuing a car outside office hours, an additional fee in the amount of 1000-1500 rubles is due. You can return the car to the reception point even after hours, throwing the keys in a special Key Box, but it is better to be present when the employee inspects the car, otherwise you can find out about scratches for which your credit card will pay.

In the list of additional equipment that can be rented for a fee, a navigator, a child seat and ski mounts.

When searching for Runlet for some reason, no international company is displayed on the first page. But – dozens of local rolling companies.

Should I take a car on lease?

In Moscow there will be rental stations for electric vehicles

There are companies with beautiful neat sites resembling international “giants”: with a choice of rental city and dates – usually stations and airports are listed in the list of points, and there are metro stations where you can pick up a car. And there are also suspicious firms, as if with a car wash site with nanotechnologies.

There are aggregators that collect offers from different companies on the same site, allowing a person to find a car by class, price and lease terms. It is convenient and profitable, as with the choice of the hotel.

On the Russian car rental sites, you can even find a service when your personal car is offered to LEAVE, giving you the opportunity to earn extra money. To arrange a rental, owners need to purchase a CTP without any restrictions and hull insurance.

One of the first advantages of local companies will surely entice many is the lower rental prices. So, Renault Logan can be removed for 900-1700 rubles per day, depending on the lease term. The deposit is only 6000-10 000 rubles. Mercedes-Benz E-Class will be “your” for 6500-7500 rubles a day. Note that insurance, too, is likely to be on the franchise – it is better to specify in advance.

More loyal in Russian companies and age limits – the majority of cars are allowed to drivers older than 19 years with experience of one year, and only for expensive cars the age qualification is higher, and even that can be leveled at a surcharge.

Additional conditions depend on a particular company: limitation of daily mileage or no limit, movement only in the city and region, or traveling abroad as much. By the way, the last, territorial point, has its own Russian peculiarities.

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