Before defining online advertising (also known as digital advertising , e-advertising or online advertising  it is useful to remember what traditional advertising is. According to Le Robert, it is “the fact of exercising a psychological action on the public for commercial purposes” . Two words to remember: ” public ” indicates that it is a mass communication .
professional SEO services”Commercial” means that the main purpose of advertising is to sell .

The first online advertisements

On the web, historically, the term online advertising originally referred to banner ads in image or text format that promoted a brand , product or service . So it meant only display advertising  Current definition of online advertising.

With current developments,professional SEO services online advertising can now be defined as any action to promote a product, service, brand or organization to a group of Internet users and / or mobile users for a fee . We will move away from the Robert definition for two reasons:

The commercial purposes of online advertising (as for traditional advertising ) are questionable: do we consider that the Red Cross is a for-profit organization? Do the advertisements made by the organization not remain advertising?

On the web, to distinguish between advertising and communication, it is essential to introduce the concept of remuneration. Indeed, on the same medium (for example Twitter social media ), some actions can be considered as communication (or customer relationship management ), while others are advertising.

Examples of online advertising

  1. Social Media Advertising
  2. Advertorials against purchase of advertising space
  3. Paid referencing
  4. Paid online directories
  5. Sponsored links
  6. affiliation
  7. Email marketing ( direct mail )
  8. Site under
  9. Advertising inserts in videos
  10. Non-advertising uses of the web
  11. Standard use of social networks
  12. SEO (SEO)

Guest blogging

Forums and blogs as a participant (insofar as advertising messages are moderated, otherwise it is a ” pirate ” advertising action )

Press releases online

Free online directories

Transactional email

” Non-advertising use of the web ” does not mean ” use without commercial interests “, but refers to communications actions performed on non-advertising media by definition.

Inbound and Outbound Marketing

In order to distinguish online advertising from communication aimed at generating inbound contacts, some professionals rely on the terminology of inbound and outbound marketing  professional SEO services Advertising would then be equivalent to outbound marketing .

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Set of advertising communication actions carried out on the Web. There are usually two major families of actions. Display advertising, which consists of inserting messages, banners, buttons, advertising communication films for an advertiser … on websites. And advertising “search”, which is based on hyperlinks to the site of the advertiser, and which will be offered to the user on the occasion of a request he has made using an engine of research.

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