Aluminum shutters are rightly recognized as being of better quality than PVC shutters.

The price of an aluminum roller shutter will start around 200 euros for a dimension of 120 × 120 up to 300 euros.

For a quality aluminum roller shutter, count a budget of between 300 and 600 euros for the roller shutter.

Rate of installation of a shutter

The installation price of a shutter depends on the level of difficulty for the installation of the shutter. There are different types of poses for a shutter:

Installation of the roller shutter to new: In a new construction or expansion, we speak of a “traditional pose”. The installation of the rolling shutter is to recess the recessed chest in the masonry so that it is invisible.

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Installation of the roller shutter in renovation: For an existing opening, the installation of the rolling shutter in renovation consists of simply putting the retractable box outside or inside, it remains visible to all.

Motorization of an existing roller shutter: The most economical solution, it consists in motorizing your existing shutter.

If you already have a manual roller shutter, it is quite possible to motorize your shutter. For this, there are motorization kits ready to install and adaptable to all types of shutters. The installation of a motorization on a manual shutter is feasible by yourself, which makes this solution economical. Expect between 50 and 150 euros for the purchase of the engine.

Rolling shutter estimate

Before you start installing a shutter, find out about the price of rolling shutters available in the trade and major brands. If the installation of a shutter is affordable, the bill can quickly climb when you have several shutters to ask.

The cost of installing a manual or electric roller shutter should be estimated by a professional. It will be better to choose your shutters according to your needs and your budget. With the cost of labor and the purchase of the roller shutter from the professional, you will be assured of a successful pose in the long term.

Installation of the classic roller blind

To install your roller best window shade company, you can do it yourself or call a storist. The installation of a roller blind is a simple operation to realize thus to save on the cost of the labor, to install your blind alone. has selected for you a video made by the Stores-Discount website: “How to install a roller blind? »Which explains all the steps to successfully install your awning:

  • On the shutter of your window.
  • On the wall above the window.
  • On the ceiling.

Installing a roller blind without drilling

Installing a roller blind without drilling is the simplest solution to put your blind directly to your window . In addition to the purchase of the roller blind, you will need to buy a set of 2 mounting brackets without drilling found at LeroyMerlin, Ikea, Castorama. the price of a set of 2 bindings is 5 to 10 euros maximum . The advantage of this device is that it allows to fix blinds without drilling and that they adapt to all types of best window shade company on PVC windows ideally. Be careful for large best window shade company, fasteners may not support the weight of blinds.Install an exterior manual roller shutter

The material you will need:

  • 1.       Your shutter kit
  • 2.       Wedges and cleats
  • 3.       Special silicone sealant
  • 4.       Expansive foam for sealing

Specific tools:

  • 1.       Metre
  • 2.       Pencil
  • 3.       Spirit level
  • 4.       Metal file
  • 5.       Wood grater
  • 6.       Screwdriver drill
  • 7.       Putty gun
  • 8.       Different screwdrivers
  • 9.       Metal saw
  • 10.   Hammer drill
  • 11.   Established
  • 12.   Scissors
  • 13.   Cutter

The laying steps:

  • 1.       Prepare the pose
  • 2.       Check the total height of the shutter
  • 3.       Plot location marks
  • 4.       Lay the fixings on the walls
  • 5.       Pass the strap in the partition
  • 6.       Screw behind the scenes
  • 7.       Achieve external waterproofing with silicone sealant
  • 8.       Attach the strap guide to the frame
  • 9.       Fit the winder on the window
  • 10.   Pass the strap in the casing
  • 11.   Perform a test
  • Install an electric shutter
  • The material you will need:
  • ·         Components of your shutter: trunk, motor, blades, guides

·         Wedges and cleats

·         What to make a self-adhesive foam seal

  • ·         Special masonry putty
  • ·         Bag of plaster
  • ·         Electric cable (1.5mm)
  • ·         Electrical conduits

Specific tools:

  • 1.       Metre
  • 2.       Spirit level
  • 3.       screwdriver
  • 4.       Screwdriver
  • 5.       Pencil
  • 6.       Extruder gun
  • 7.       groover
  • 8.       Metal file
  • 9.       Hammer drill
  • 10.   Hole saw
  • 11.   burin
  • 12.   Mallet
  • 13.   Auge
  • 14.   Metal saw
  • 15.   Cat tongue trowel
  • 16.   Trowel Berthelet

The laying steps:

  1. ·         Temporarily fix the slides on the chest and cut them if necessary
  2. ·         Drill the wall for the passage of electrical cables
  3. ·         Pass the power wire into the wall slot
  4. ·         Engage the shutter in the frame to mark the piercing points
  5. ·         Drill the wall and peg
  6. ·         Glue the foam seal strip to the top of the trunk
  7. ·         Screw the shutter block without tightening it completely
  8. ·         Control and adjust levels using wedges
  9. ·         Finish screwing backstage
  10. ·         Install the control system and electrical conduits into the bulkhead
  11. ·         Make the electrical connection (neutral, phase, earth)
  12. ·         Perform a test

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