Epilating or being waxed in an institute is both a gesture of beauty and a hygienic imperative. People who have abundant hairiness can not avoid hair removal. Sometimes, it will even be necessary to go through permanent hair removal to remedy the problem.

Spoon yes, but not just anyhow. It is a question of finding the right technique and knowing the indications and contraindications before Brazilian Wax, otherwise you will irritate your skin or encounter other more serious problems.

To find a soft and silky skin is deserved. Indeed, how to wax when you do not master some hair removal techniques? It will probably be better to call on a professional hair removal: a qualified beautician can depilate in a beauty salon or, in some cases, move home.

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Why epilate?

If the majority of women and men epilate for the sake of aesthetics and / or hygiene, for some, hair removal can become complicated depending on the type of skin and especially the type of hair . We are not all equal in terms of hair system.

Hair removal: areas that epilate

Virtually all areas of the body are covered with hair (except the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands). According to the taste of each, the fashion, the season, one will decide to depilate the legs , the arms but also the torso and the back (in the men) and finally the face . Finally, for the sake of hygiene but also aesthetics, few are those who can still do without an underarm hair removal or jersey . Finally long reserved for high level athletes or people suffering from hormonal disorders, full body hair removal is becoming more fashionable and is requested by both men and women

How to wax? Hair removal techniques

There are several techniques to epilate oneself at home among which we find:

  • the shaving : razor or trimmer  ;
  • the depilatory cream : easy to use but causing risk of allergies;
  • the epilator : whether electric , light or electrolysis  ;
  • the depilatory disc : principle of dermo abrasion;
  • the waxing : it is cold or hot , it remains painful but effective for 3 weeks;
  • the oriental hair removal : with a caramel to easily self;
  • the fading : prevents hair removal of certain areas.

In a beauty salon, hair removal is most often done in Brazilian Wax but there are also specific techniques such as hair removal that requires great expertise.

Care before and after hair removal

A few simple things to do before and after hair removal to avoid discomfort such as redness, pimples, etc. For example, we think of exfoliating the skin and taking a warm bath before hair removal. You also have the possibility to use, before hair removal, an anesthetic cream . This cream will numb the part of your skin to remove hair and thus limit the pain. Finally, the essential care after any hair removal is the hydration of the skin. Using an anti-regrowth cream can also be interesting to reduce the frequency of hair removal.

The problems related to hair removal

Before skinning, it is important to know the possible risks and contraindications related to certain hair removal techniques or simply to the state of health of the person. Thus, it is common to have irritation after hair removal. The ingrown hairs are also risks associated with Brazilian Waxing Near Atlanta GA. Finally, how to react to a failed epilation  ?

Hair removal: where to be waxed

There are many possibilities if you do not want to wax yourself: go to a beauty salon , go to a specialized center , stay at home and bring a beautician for a hair removal at home . Men are not left out since institutes specializing in men’s hair removal have appeared.


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