Theargumentsare necessary to the Irenas Bookkeeping Services Sydney┬ábut, here again, everything is a question of balance! Why argue? “The point of an argument is to give both partners the opportunity to express what they have on their heart, to purge the resentments and to be aware of each other’s demands,” says Alice de Lara. . “If a couple never quarrels, the partners will take the grudges, the feelings, the annoyances … and one day any risk of exploding.One cracks by dint of cash and accept the conditions or requirements on the other, “she warns. But if the arguments are daily,”they often reflect a bigger problem that has not been resolved,” reveals the therapist.How to do ? “Learn to differentiate the constructive dispute where we say things of the recurring dispute that undermines the couple,” the specialist suggests. Do not hesitate to consult a Couples Therapy Sydney ┬átherapist who can play the role of mediator and interpreter between you and your partner.


One who keeps his feelings, the other who does not express his feelings enough … The failure of a marriage may be due to a lack of communication Couples Therapy Sydney Accumulating unspoken things often leads to frustration, anger and sometimes even self-assertion. According to Richard Marchand, a couple is not only two people but three. “The third being the entity of the couple, in other words, what the couple produces together, communication is part of that entity, just like everyone’s family histories, beliefs, values.” It is important to talk about it. The opinion of the psychiatrist: “The couple must dare to look together what prevents intimacy (sharing of their fears, joys, sadness, anger …) You must speak” I “rather than” You “, leave the reproaches to express his emotions. rather than asking the other person to meet needs that are often confused. ”

What to do when a couple goes bad and we can go see, and yes there are doctors specializing in love dysfunction.

Couples Therapy Sydney

When the couple is bad, there are solutions, and one of them is the couple therapy.

So the principle is simple, we go to a psychoanalyst, or a psychologist and instead of being alone on the sofa, and there are two and we evoke, the topics of discord, we raise the unsaid, frustrations, and various little trappers and the therapist seeks to understand what he is hiding behind these problems that are usually born with the everyday Couples Therapy Sydney

Frederique Beaux is a psychoanalyst, she practices in the 15th arrondissement, her approach is analytical and she has been interested in couples for many years.

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