Posted on September 3, 2017 by Patrick Jones The Auto Crypto Edge System  247  software is a blacklisted SCAM cryptocurrency and social trading robot. In our detailed and insightful review will explain how we reached this conclusion and expose the this fake app and auto-trader, as we now know it is a part of a very big fraud network consisting of Binary Robot 365 and Crypto Edge System  Robot 365. Please note that there are some very heavily funded affiliate marketers out there who are providing fake reviews about the nature of this malicious app. We know who these crooks are because they shamelessly advertise this on their own thieving systems. These liars are trying to pull the same tricks again and are attempting to exploit the recent wave of popularity bitcoin has been receiving in the news by peddling fake binary bots online. It is for this reason we are warning our members and subscribers in the most severe and clear manner to avoid this thieving app, as it is nothing more than a get-rich-scheme with a polished look and some untrustworthy reviews which try very hard to make it look legit or genuine. After a close inspection of this technology and some serious fact-checking, we have found it to be extremely deceptive and misleading, and that is exactly why we believe it is so dangerous. Keep reading to see how we shed light on the dirty Auto Crypto Edge System 247 operation and why we believe it is a confirmed financial SCAM.

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Proof of SCAM  Below you will find the testimonial section of the Auto Crypto Edge System sales page. A simple Google check will show that all the images are fake and stolen from the internet without consent.

Maximus Edge Autobot Review – The Hype

We do see some of it for sure, but 84% ITM Ratio (Success Rate) is very conserative. Especially in binary options and particularly if you accept bonuses (so just don’t). We didn’t see the usual inflated bank accounts and exaggerated claims of easy money. But we do lack a certain degree of transparency and some real proof of winning trades from the brokers trading history section.

No, this system will cost you at least $250 to get started with and that money will be charged to you by the broker you select which may or may not be regulated.

Fake Reviews

Crypto Edge System is still in the process of being evaluated so if you see any review which attempts to glorify this app and hailing it as the “next big thing”, you can be sure this is an affiliate ,marketer getting paid on the back end.

Other Viral Scams Trending

The hot scams to avoid now at Bitcoin Code and Quantum Code by Michael Crawford.

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If you are a bit hesitant and not quite sure about how to proceed then you are not alone. Our staff or diligent researchers has combed the internet and was able to compile a short yet reputable list of profitable cash machines. These apps are proudly displayed in our recommended section.

Review Summary and Conclusions -Maximus Edge Autobot Scam or Worthy?

Maximus Edge Autobot by Max is what we refer to here as a borderline case. Our Maximus Edge Autobot review we have shown some inconsistencies and a lack of transparency. However, after testing the software itself we found out it did not steal our money, the brokers we were assigned were professional and very prompt where payments were concerned, and we were even able to make some cash. Crypto Edge System This does not mean the investment of time and energy was worth it, so for the time being if you feel you must try out Maximus Edge Autobot we will not stop you but never deposit over $250 which is the minimum amount. In a nut shell, if you were wondering if Maximus Edge Autobot is scam or legit and genuine trading app, the answer is somewhere in the middle. Don’t forget to join our Facebook Group and subscribe to our YouTube Channel

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