Buy car insurance companies cover the theft of your car. But compensation depends in part on your speed of response and especially the respect of the details of the contract.

The moment you notice the theft of your car, it’s important to keep your cool. The good reflex is to undertake without delay the steps allowing you to obtain the compensation which is yours. And if possible in the right order. Start by filing a complaint with the nearest police station. Do not forget to mention that your vehicle documents have also been stolen if this is the case.

Ask for a second opinion if the first conclusions seem wrong to you

Then, signal to report the theft of your car to your buy car insurance, either by letter with acknowledgment of receipt, or by going on the spot, or by internet when it is proposed. Whatever the means of communication chosen, you will have to provide your receipt. The deadline for this step is short: 48 hours. It is important to respect it, otherwise the insurer can refuse compensation. A phone call to the insurer can save time if the mail is late or if you have difficulties to go to the nearest agency of your insurance.

Stolen car but found

The methods of taking over the damage by the buy car insurance depend for a very large part of the presence or absence of the car. If it has not been found within thirty days of the declaration of theft, the insurer makes an offer of compensation in relation to the clauses of the contract. This is usually a value set by an expert to which is subtracted a deductible. If the car is less than six months old, it is considered new. In this case, you can expect to be reimbursed up to the purchase value. For that, it is important to be able to present the invoice of purchase or a certificate of sale. A document to keep preciously so!

If by chance, the car is found before this waiting period of thirty days, you must take back your vehicle. In the case where it is damaged, other guarantees come into play. The company will cover the amount of repairs within the limits of the contract. These rules also apply if the car is found after the thirty days but before the buy car insurance has paid you compensation. However, if the car is found after thirty days and the compensation is paid, you have in principle the choice between recovering your vehicle by restoring the compensation, or keep the compensation and leave the car to the company. Insurance. The insurance contract.

One particular point: the thief has been a skillful driver. We find your car in very good condition, so that the traces of break-in are difficult to detect. The insurer may decide not to pay any compensation. Do not hesitate to ask for a second opinion, or even resort to the courts, if you consider that your guarantees apply and that even minimal compensation is due to you to restore the vehicle. This approach also applies to any sums you have incurred to recover your vehicle, for example, impound fees. You are legitimate to contest the non-coverage of these costs if this is stipulated in your contract.

The amount of compensation may be reduced if the insurer finds after his investigation that you did not respect all the details provided in the contract signed with your insurer: valuables in plain view, open windows, doors open, car keys on the starter … The insurer will also verify that you have good theft protection equipment when it has specified on the contract: alarm, steering wheel lock, etc. Also, keep in mind that a conventional buy car insurance policy does not always guarantee personal belongings in the car. If you find your car, but empty, you will be left to re-equip. Only the subscription of a warranty extension can allow you to limit the case.

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