How to buy gold?

I / who buys Gold and what?

Above all, it should be emphasized that the purchase of Gold is based on two distinct areas: the gold rate in UK of physical gold and the purchase of virtual gold.

This dual nature of the market is important to know and seize because an individual who wants to acquire Gold will, depending on his needs and his personal dispositions, have to favor one or the other of the two possibilities available to him. Him.

The functioning of the gold market

The gold market is dual: it brings together a private market and a professional market:

The professional buyers typically gold rate in UK large gold bars at a price “spot” (prices generated by the financial market) and are subject to requirements, including administrative (historical tracking to draw) and logistics (storage).

The private buyers involved in a physical market that offers gold coins and gold bars from 20g to 1kg of gold.

In addition to this, there is an institutional market in which central banks, and therefore states, intervene to diversify their reserves (especially central banks with large amounts of US assets such as China).

II / Buy Gold Physical

1 – Buy Gold Coins

First of all, we must distinguish gold coins said to be marketable (left) or non-marketable (right).

Non-marketable gold coins have a value that is a function of the official gold price on international markets (by weight). Their value depends solely on the amount of gold they contain and the price of gold at the time of sale.

Gold coins are distinguishable gold coins non-marketable by quality criteria. These coins are negotiable on the stock market and it is the meeting of supply and demand that sets the value of the coin. Thus, these coins offer a premium. This bonus is the differential that exists between the value of the piece at the weight of gold, and the value of the piece quoted. The type of effigy shown on the faces of the coin is another criterion that makes a coin usable or not. Thus, the Napoleon 20 francs is not always marketable. It must be effigies “rooster” and “Marianne” only to be eligible for the bursary and benefit from the bonus.

=> To guarantee the marketability of the coin and therefore its premium, buy your coins in sealed bags!

Beyond the gold rate in UK coins and gold coins non-marketable, there are collectible gold coins. Collectible gold coins have a value represented by their rarity (seniority, weakness of the draw, etc. …). But it must be made clear that this is a micro-market, that a piece of gold is rare only because it has been printed only a few hundred copies, or that it has particular defects that make it unique. It should be noted that a gold coin has value only because it has a buyer opposite. Its value is therefore fixed by this particular request. A professional who buys a collectible gold coin is already thinking of who he can sell it to.

2 – Buy Gold Ingots

In addition to gold coins, gold bullion is the other preferred investment vehicle for those who want to buy gold. It offers the advantage of being detached from these notions of rarity and seniority. Its quotation is determined on the international markets and in particular in New York, London and Chicago. The listing on these markets is in US Dollars / ounce Gold. As for the French market, the quotation is daily and is in Euros per kilo.

The gold rate in UK bullion is often neglected in favor of the purchase of gold coins because they are a more affordable way to invest in gold. The coins cost a few hundred Euros when you have to pay more than 30 000 € for an ingot of a kilo of gold.

Note that it is also possible to buy smaller sized bullion. Thus, gold bars of 100 grams, 50 grams, 10 grams, and even 1 gram are available.

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