or a photo, it’s excellent for morale. It is a sign that we are supported outside. Letters also show the Administration, supervisors or inmate connect that the detainee is not isolated, and this is sometimes important when the detainee suffers (or is likely to suffer) violence.


You have the right to write every day or even several times a day (CPP, article R.57-8-16), even if you do not yet have the number of the nut or the cell number.

If the detainee is in pre-trial detention, the investigating judge may forbid him to correspond for a period of 10 days, renewable once, or limit him to certain persons for the duration of the investigation (CPP, art 145- 4 and inmate connect This prohibition can not apply to the lawyer. So you can ask your lawyer to give you news.

If the person is sentenced, the Director of the prison can not forbid him to correspond, even with persons other than the immediate family (repeal of article D.414 of the CPP, by the decree n ° 2010-1635 of the December 23, 2010).

A detained person may write to another detained person, even if they are in the same institution (DAP Circular of 9 June 2011).

rights and prohibitions

You can send drawings and photographs, but the letter should not look like a parcel (so it should not weigh more than 2 kilograms, section 1 of the Post and Electronic Communications Code). Avoid photos taken in front of the prison and photos and drawings that can be interpreted as threats to the PA (evasion, violence, etc.).

Money, whether it is notes or coins, being prohibited in detention (CPP, article D.318), it is forbidden to send by mail. The letter would be retained and the detainee could appear before the Disciplinary Committee (DAP, circular of 9 June 2011).

You can send stamps.inmate connect  There is no clearly defined maximum number, but the PA has the right not to hand over your shipment if it suspects an exchange or traffic of stamps between detainees. The sending of a notebook is often tolerated.

You can write in a foreign language. But the letters may take longer to reach the addressee (especially if the language used is “rare”), because they have to be translated – especially during the investigation (cpp, art 418).

It is forbidden to “code” letters (to write in hieroglyphics, for example). But you have the right to use nicknames for the people you mention in your letters. And if in your letters “Martine” becomes “Chantal”, it does not matter – unless the Judge is interested in your correspondence and that Martine is suspected in the case for which your relative is in prison inmate connect

You can perfume the mail, use nice writing paper and put collector stamps (some detainees discover a collector’s vocation!). On the other hand, the format of your envelope must not exceed A3 format (circular DAP of

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