Significant weight loss is usually only possible with people who are significantly overweight. If you want to lose a lot of. weight in a very short time, choose the following steps. But also remember that any weight loss program requires a lifestyle change and that healthy habits need to be adopted in the long run.

setting a goal, it is achieve that much you have to stick to lose 5kg in a week .

  • 500 gr represents 3500 You have 7 day to lose 10 times that amount.
  • 3500 x 10 = 35000 calories to lose.
  • 35000/7 = 5000 per day
  • 2000 calories per day – 5000 = -3000 calories per day

As you can see, sticking to a diet of -3000 calories a day is just ridiculous. However, an incredibly strict diet, exercise and the loss of the initial mass of water (depending on your size – the more you weigh heavy, the easier it will be) can bring you closer to this goal, more than what the calculation allows. What’s more, your weight fluctuates around a lose 5kg in a week with the margin of error.

Fortunately, it’s not just diet that controls calories; exercise does it too. For this fast and intense diet, both are necessary.

Keep a diary. The obligation to deal with what you eat will keep you aware of what you decide to introduce into your body. Keep a diary and write down everything you eat and drink during this week.

Empower yourself. each day to a friend, Knowing that the judgment of another person necessary motivation that you could not they feel like it, diary of their daily diet. with you.

It’s not enough for you to keep a diary of your lose 5kg in a week Write down the exercises you do too! In this way, you will see your combined efforts and you will be really excited.

Share with others Sometimes it’s hard for us to be so strict about ourselves when we’re going through something like this alone. After all, is it the end of the world if you eat this chocolate bar? No. Catch a friend and have him help you on your quest.

Make each social activity active. Put your family and friends in the kitchen instead of going out. When the people around you support you and keep you away from temptations, success will come a lot easier.

Stop the processed products. lose 5kg in a week with low energy density help people reduce their caloric intake while maintaining the feeling of fullness and control of the feeling of hunger [1] . This is the secret to prefer vegetables, to leave fries, and still have a feeling of satiety.

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