For your birthday, your companion made you a rather pleasant surprise: she offered you a brand new billiard, which you immediately adopted, putting yours in a corner of your garage. How to sell quickly this last?

Set a price 

Based on the original billiard model and its current condition, start by setting a price that also includes any accessories (pool tables for sale ), and talk about it around you. It may be that word-of-mouth is sufficient to allow you to quickly find a buyer interested in your old billiard table, and who is also willing to pick him up at home. If not, plan a package including shipping and add to the billiard price.


If this process does not bear fruit, you can advertise on the internet for the sale of your billiard, taking inspiration from product presentations on a specialized site such as Take some nice pictures of your billiard and make a precise description, dimensions included. Also indicate the year of purchase of the billiard and provide your potential buyer with the corresponding invoice, in case you have kept I

Convertible = pool tables for sale

The interest for you to have a convertible table

You are passionate about billiards but you do not have enough space in your house to accommodate at the same time a dining table and pool tables for sale? You do not have to worry about it anymore because the solution exists. This is the convertible. It will allow you to optimize your dining room or your living room. With disconcerting ease, you can move from a dining table to a real billiard simply by removing the tray that is above. Whatever their style, convertible billiards can fit your living room. Now, at the end of a meal with friends, you can immediately go to a game of billiards without the need for a games room to store your pool table. You can buy yours today and impress your guests at the end of dinner.

Features close to an ordinary table

In appearance, a convertible billiard table is identical in every way to a regular table even at the level of comfort it offers once converted. Indeed, a regular dining table is about 70 cm high while the pool tables for sale is 66 cm high from the ground from its base. Suppliers also provide chairs and benches to suit the billiard model you choose. These merge with the table to form a harmonious whole. You can easily slide them under the pool to have more space in your kitchen or your living room.

Unique design and ergonomics

Modern pool tables for sale

An exceptional table

This dining table of a new genre weighs nearly 350 kg but its finesse and proportions give the impression that it is lighter. It’s a true masterpiece of designers that will delight buyers. All billiard accessories are kept inside the table and masked in front of people by the panels lids.

Innovative options

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