Now, it seems, we have everything necessary for a successful start, then let’s continue!

Many sources today offer various tips on how to improve the skills of the photographer (therefore, how to get more followers on Instagram). You can place low-quality images, and this, alas, will not bring any results, but you can post some bright and vivid photos a day, which will undoubtedly bring likes and subscribers.

Photos from a mobile device can be competently taken, as well as any other pictures. Below you can find out some tips on how to get the most out of your mobile photos:

Make sure that all subjects in the frame are well lit. If you have the opportunity, shoot in natural light or use artificial light indoors. Avoid direct sunlight. Most mobile cameras can boast a flash that can add brightness even when you are shooting outside. If there is no flash, just try to avoid shooting at very bright rays of light.

2.  Forget about Zoom, just move closer to your subject. However, too close distance from the object causes some distortion. Using photo editing features, you can always make changes to them later.

3.  Test your mobile camera settings. Apply different filters, change colors. Add a variety of shapes and patterns to increase interest in composition. Change perspective using appropriate filters. Sometimes the best filter is the lack of a filter. But often the filtering capabilities can really give bright colors and expressiveness to any boring photo.

4. Remember the rule: shoot now and edit later. Instantly editing photos, you can miss a lot of interesting moments and events.

5. Finally, try to just become a source of inspiration for your subscribers – they will appreciate your efforts. Develop your creativity.

This is just a small list of tips that will make your photos more attractive and help you find the best way to get more followers on Instagram.

And most importantly – have fun shooting! Obviously, your gadget is always with you, so taking pictures is not a problem.

It happens that companies lose their subscribers because they do not think about the subject of photos that are published. You need to be careful with the meaning of the pictures.

Try not to post photos that can somehow disturb someone’s peace of mind, discriminate or offend (unless of course, the provocateur is not your middle name).

So, you have uploaded your attractive photos and made your profile interesting.

The next step is to attract attention, which provokes the growth of Instagram subscribers. And you have several ways to do it.

More hashtags – more benefits

Each photo of you can be accompanied by a hashtag and a short message as part of Instagram content. They will help to organize and share photos or videos into categories.

Adding hashtags to images is one way to get Instagram followers for free. Relevant hashtags will help attract more likes for the post, but this does not always force people to return to your profile.

A hashtag can lead to another resource. If someone shares his Instagram photo on Facebook, the hashtag is published with it. And this is a pretty good chance to be noticed by new subscribers. All tags should be relevant and relevant, but do not create a graveyard of hashtags under your pictures! It always looks unnatural.

Statistics of social networks on Instagram

Involvement and activity

People who know about you from other social networks are your potential based on how many of your followers are real. Just let them know that you are anInstagram user now. Post a post inviting friends to subscribe. Also, do notforget to comment on photos of people you subscribe to.

It looks like a rule: if you leave a positive comment, your chances of getting a subscriber increase. The author of the photo will certainly visit your profile. And if your page corresponds to his / her interests, then you are guaranteed to get a subscriber.

However, your comments should be targeted. Correctly leave comments only on posts of those people or brands who have high chances to become your subscribers.

So, if you make pasta, you can safely search for such hashtags as #pasta, #italianfood, #restaurants, etc. People who post photos with these hashtags will be delighted with your page and will be able to become your subscriber. t

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