The selection to rent or buy a 1300 number is at the discretion of your business and is usually based totally on business desires.

the subsequent guiding concepts perhaps useful: in case you need to keep complete control over your number, avoid contracts with third parties, and feature the choice to expand use of it geographically, then shopping for various is a tremendous choice. you could obtain records approximately the enterprise Code for Rights of Use of Numbers from the ACMA website.

Smart numbers

what’s a smart numbers?

these are numbers that spell a phrase (e.g. 1300 PIZZAS) or feature a repeating series of numbers (e.g., 1300 50 10 50).

The “Australian Communications and Media Authority” (ACMA – an Australian authorities department) controls all cellphone numbers in Australia. The licensing right to apply those numbers is made available for purchase on the ACMA internet site. The fee of numbers begin at $250, and vary depending on call for and memorability.

who is ACMA?

ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) is the statutory body charged with the obligation for making sure media and communications work for all Australians – this includes Telephony and internet services. ACMA does this through numerous law, guidelines, requirements and codes of exercise. [Source: Wikipedia]

The ACMA internet site is a precious aid that consists of a wealth of facts for purchasers and businesses including information and statistics sheets approximately 1800 numbers, 1300 numbers and thirteen numbers.

How do I purchase a Smart numbers telephone word?

To purchase a new Smart numbers, go to to pick and buy the smart numbers of your choice.

To hold your 1300 Smart numbers you have to set off it within three years from date of buy. if you do now not spark off your variety it’ll be returned to ACMA’s pool of numbers.

How an awful lot do Smart numbers value?

Smart numbers charges range from $250 on a first-come/paid –first-served basis, and there’s additionally the one-time registration charge of $35.

What’s the period of a smart numbers?

Smart numbers have a maximum period of:

Ten digits for 1300 and 1800 numbers e.g., 1300 ## ## ##

Six digits for a 13 number e.g., 13 ## ##

you may promote it a 1300 Smart numbers that’s longer than ten digits (or six for a thirteen Smart numbers) and our gadget may be setup to ignore the extra digits. for instance:

Your Smart numbers is 1300 358 339 which spells 1300 FLUFFY

you may advertise 1300 FLUFFY CAT (1300 358 339 228)

clients dial 1300 358 339 228

Our gadget is configured to disregard the last 3 digits

touch our commercial enterprise consultants for customised recommendation on powerful approaches to market it your smart numbers.

How do smart number telephone words work?

Smart numbers work within the equal manner as their much less memorable counterparts.

They’re digital numbers used to direct incoming smartphone calls to unique answer points (i.e., any Australian landline or cell telephone or to worldwide answer points.) machine setup is equal to that of regular issue 1300 numbers.

Does my enterprise actually need a 1300 smart numbers?

In determined whether a smart numbers is the satisfactory sort of inbound variety in your business, don’t forget:

the size of your commercial enterprise.

Your destiny business plans (e.g., enlargement).

How essential is “branding”?

Your finances and what sort of you’re prepared to pay.

as compared to a great numeric 1300 number, how a whole lot distinction do you watched it’ll make?

Will it offer a considerably better go back on investment (ROI)?

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