He real estate market in our country is actively developing. This contributes to increased demand for valuation services. Thus, the valuation of real estate, produced by an independent expert appraiser, allows to obtain objective and most reliable information about the price of the object. To date, appraisal services are in demand in the following situations:

  • making purchase and sale transactions, division, separation of a share, exchange, donation, rent registration;
  • Entry into inheritance rights;
  • Registration of the mortgage;
  • Resolution of property disputes;
  • Privatization of real estate,
  • Redistribution of property shares;
  • attracting new business members;
  • Contribution to the authorized capital;
  • Revaluation of assets;
  • Transfer of an object to trust management;
  • Assessment of the market value of real estate for tax purposes;
  • calculating the amount of depreciation of buildings, structures and structures;
  • Development and implementation of projects for construction, reconstruction, re-equipment and liquidation of facilities;
  • drawing up business plans and making other decisions on the commercial use of real estate, etc.

In the conditions of market relations there is a complex system of economic assessments that covers all spheres of life activity of each person and penetrates into all components of the social process.

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A special place in this system is occupied by the Evaluation of any Property – these are:

– Buildings and structures;

– Objects under construction;

– Cars and equipment;

– Vehicles;

– Deposits in profitable assets (stocks, bonds, shares);

– Intangible assets, including intellectual property;

– Investment projects;

– Rights of claim, obligations (debts);

– Enterprises as property complexes;

– property rights that are not materialized in securities (the right to use land, natural resources, buildings and facilities, equipment and other assets);

– Other objects of civil rights, the participation of which in civil circulation is allowed by the legislation of the Republic of Abkhazia.

Property valuation is needed for various people in various situations. Property evaluation is often carried out by legal entities, guided by a specific business plan. Perhaps, in accordance with this plan, the firm seeks to sell part of its property and conducts an assessment for this. Perhaps the company is simply conducting a kind of comprehensive inventory of all the things it owns. It may be that property valuation is carried out for the subsequent transfer of all things and real estate to other hands. Consequently, the role of professional independent property valuation in the modern business world is difficult to overestimate: it is carried out everywhere and is necessary to achieve all sorts of goals.

Assessing property is not an easy task. Property valuation, as we have said, should be independent and impartial, which means detached from all personal issues and emotions. That is why today more and more often professionals from relevant companies whose work is to produce sound judgments and correctly substantiate them are attracted to property valuation.

The assessment, it should be noted, is not made from the position of any particular party, but independently, by operating with actually existing documents. The work of a specialist in the field of property valuation is necessary in order for all the above parties to reach full legal agreement on the value of the property.

Evaluation, thus, often plays the role of a fair “judge”, excluding a difficult procedure for all parties to go to court about the fair division of property.

When it comes to any real estate, for a number of reasons it is necessary to establish the so-called “fair market value” in the course of property valuation. Such a term refers to the price at which a product can be sold on the market if the parties to the transaction are not under duress and are well aware of all the possibilities of using this product. Property valuation allows you to solve all emerging issues and even problems among the heirs, claiming equal shares of property. Therefore, evaluation is also a kind of “peacemaker” who is able to reconcile all fairly in financial matters.

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