Good day! It is very important to know the opinion of professionals. New building. We solve the problem of what to do with the water supply unit from the developer. Leave it or replace it.

Arguments in favor of “leaving.” Many people who saw the photo, including the casa view plumbing sellers from the market and at the company, said that it was Valtek. Although budget, but quite reliable site. United in one case. If everything works, then you can leave. And connect only the “comb” Far.

The same argument is that in addition to saving money on materials, we “save” on communication with the Criminal Code. Everything is broken there. We were told that at least 9,000 rubles will be worth what the Criminal Code will take in this work the most minimal participation. Connecting the comb can be done without a CC.

Another argument was made that it’s not a fact that people have been using equipment from the developer for years. And it is not known whether to touch.

That is, the option to “replace” at start-up costs, of course, is more expensive.

The argument in favor of “replacing” with a more “high-quality and expensive” is also understandable.

Please express your opinion:

Is it worth it in your opinion to “change” or still “leave”. How much can it cost for come by practiced advice offered by registered casa view plumbing work and materials, if you change and add something Far and Oventrop. The most approximate figures.

And what can you say about the installed cold water supply / hot water supply unit. Is there any experience with such equipment?

I would be very grateful to everyone for their help!

Hello. The scheme of water distribution will be approximately like this . In this regard, I ask for a few tips.

the photo shows that there is a slight narrowing at the place where the pipes are bent. Floor 16 of 17, the water above or below – is unclear. Could it be due to the narrowing of insufficient pressure? Should I try to digest the “normal” pipe, at the same time replacing the first crane “from the developer.” Should I put the gearbox?

How to fix this whole scheme? Leaving everything “on weight” will probably be completely wrong.

Conclusions under the heated towel rail in the photo (between the ends of the narrowed bypass), what pipes to lead to the heated towel rail? Will Rehut 20mm Rahuit fit? On the website of Sunerji there are connection diagrams, but there is no working option if the bypass is narrowed and water is supplied from the bottom (which is not accurate).

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