It’s funny because it’s always in a drunken evening that you hear about hallucinating stuff. A bit like yesterday, when a friend told me about a test to measure the level of purity and your relationship to sex, alcohol, and drugs. Forcibly, with such a catch, I was a little obliged to test it and the fact is that I did not really shoot it badly…

The questions posed by the test vary a great deal in all areas. Sex, alcohol, and drugs, of course, but also religion and money. Well, obviously, some questions are very spicy and can hurt the sensitivity of the most sensitive. Attention, then. But for the rest, we must admit that the whole is rather well done. Once the Griffon test is complete, you can decide to receive a report by email or generate an image that will allow you to publicly display your level of Rice purity test.

And since we talk about it, I must admit that I was very surprised. Me who thought to finish alcoholic, it is clear that I still have a little margin. With a score of 157, I am finally a very stupid enjoyer. I just have to enjoy a little history to try to get a score a little more honorable. Do not believe, it’s my reputation that is at stake, huh!

And you, you tried the experiment?

Test your purity in drugs, alcohol, and sex!

Here is a little test of purity to discover how pure you are!! This is a rather quick test of the place of drugs, alcohol, and sex in your life! Let yourself be tempted it is funny, to know if you are in the middle of the people of your age do not forget to send your results to the link indicated at the end of the questionnaire!! Here is the link:

Purity Test

  • My score is 180 point (s).
  • Statistics:
  • Percentage of positive responses: 57%
  • Positive responses on drinks: 65%
  • Positive responses on drugs: 41%
  • Positive responses on sex: 62%

Take your Purity Test:

For your information, the average score for your age (21 years old) is: 140

Comments: Life is only a big playground for you!

Your past has been full of surprises and I think it’s not over, far from it!

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