Do you know that they are celebrating the happy New Year even in those countries where there is never snow, or it falls so rarely that legends and entertaining stories lie about it.

So, we are going south, closer to the equator.

The first country we visit is Israel. The Happy New Year is called Rosh Hash and is celebrated on the first two days of the month of September. On this day, the acceptance of God as the ruler is again confirmed. The Happy New Year holiday is a day of intense prayers and restrained fun.

According to custom, on the eve of the holiday they eat special food: apples with honey, pomegranate, fish, as a symbolic expression of hope for the coming year. Each meal is accompanied by a short prayer. Basically, it is customary to eat sweet foods, and refrain from bitter foods. On the first day of the happy New Year quotes, it is customary to go to the water and say the Tashlich prayer.

Also in September, namely the 11th, the Happy new year comes in hot Ethiopia. It coincides with the end of the big rains and the beginning of the harvest. On Happy New Year’s Eve, festive processions, fun games and festivities are held, the most courageous competing in jumping through the fire.

In Cuba, a children’s Happy new year party is called Kings Day. The wizarding kings who bring gifts to children are named Balthazar, Gaspar and Melcher. On the eve of the children write them letters, which tell about their cherished desires.

Cubans on Happy New Year’s Eve fill up all the dishes in the house with water, and at midnight they start to pour it out of the windows. Thus, all the inhabitants of the Island of Freedom wish the happy New Year a bright and clean, like water, path. In the meantime, the clock beats 12 beats, you need to eat 12 grapes, and then good, harmony, prosperity and peace will accompany you for twelve months.

In Panama, at midnight, when the happy New Year is just beginning, they ring all the bells, howl sirens, cars are buzzing. The Panamanians themselves – both children and adults – at this time shout loudly and knock at everything that comes their way. And all this noise in order to “cajole” the year that comes.

March 21 is celebrating happy New Year in Afghanistan, this holiday is called Nauru. This is the time to start agricultural work. The village elder leads the first furrow into the field. On the same day, fun fairs are opened, in which magicians, ropewalkers, and musicians perform.

Wherever people on our planet meet the happy New Year, they wish each other peace and happiness!

Presenter (asks questions).

One of the main characters of the happy New Year, of course, is Santa Claus.

What do you think when he appeared?

It turns out that no one knows for sure when Santa Claus appeared? We only know that it happened a long time ago.

At first it was just a symbol, the spirit of the cold. In those days, people did not expect gifts from the ancestor of the current Santa Claus, but gave them to him themselves! More than two thousand years ago, in the winter nights, the inhabitants of the North solemnly threw pellets and meat beyond the threshold of their dwellings in order to entice Frost, so that his spirit would not be angry, not send the bitter cold, not interfere with hunting.

According to another version of Santa Claus, the Huns were the first to invent: they had such a god yearly who came to the earth on the very first day of the year. By his arrival in the houses it was supposed to put Christmas trees, since the Huns, the fir-tree was considered a sacred tree since ancient times. It turns out that this tradition is even more ancient.

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