Now let’s talk about how your new massage chair will improve your posture and health, prevent arthritis and slow down the aging process.

  • Deep relaxation and stress elimination (we bet you’ll fall asleep the first time you use your new chair!).
  • Relaxed stiff and contracted muscles (you will feel like modeling clay at the end).
  • Better blood and lymphatic flow. Blood and lymph cleanse the body of dangerous toxins. Strongly manipulating the muscles will improve blood and lymphatic flow, which will help eliminate toxins from your body. It can also have a positive effect on your blood pressure!
  • Better healing – Better blood flow will improve oxygen transport to the tissues of your body. Oxygen is essential to your healing. If the blood circulation is improved, the amount of oxygen will be optimized and your tissue will heal better and faster.
  • Fewer muscle spasms – If you have been massaged by a licensed masseur-physiotherapist, you know what a state of soothing your muscles are at the end. There are no more knots. Your Zero Gravity Massage Chairswill do the same thing. Not only will you not be tense and contracted, but the spasms will disappear.
  • Better flexibility – Relax your muscles … and your movements will benefit. The result is sometimes spectacular. Try to bend over to touch your toes before starting a massage session on your chair. Then, repeat the operation after the session. You will be really surprised by your new flexibility!
  • More Endorphins – Endorphins are your body’s natural painkillers. Exercise, manipulation by a chiropractor and massage are the three best ways to increase your amount of endorphins.
  • Many people have noticed an improvement in their breathing – Nothing beats a massage chair to manipulate the muscles around your ribcage. You may even feel ribs “getting back into place” while you are on the chair. These tight muscles and ribs can weaken your ability to breathe without your noticing … until you get off your massage chair! Try this … take a deep breath after your session and ask yourself if your breathing is deeper and simpler … aaaahhhhh
  • Relief of pain in the back and neck – Most of the pain you feel comes from the muscles. If you stimulate them in the same way as the massage chair, you will feel less and less pain. This also applies to …
  • Better posture – Many people with musculoskeletal pain are struggling. Most of a chiropractor’s patients have a head-forward port and the tucked-in ribcage (“slouchy”, “hunchbacked”). This posture is devastating on all supporting muscles, ligaments and bones. Your new massage chair helps reverse this posture. After a session on the massage chair, you will already feel more upright. Do it every day and these changes will seem to last longer and longer.
  • Prevention of osteoarthritis – This disease is linked to a posture problem. Poor posture results in increased body weight, which in turn will result in osteoarthritis. In other words, if you stick badly, you will soon become slouched. Changing the way, you hold yourself and the way your muscles and ligaments work will change your body’s abnormal load, which will slow down the arthritis that forms in your spine! You will not be able to fully appreciate this benefit until you turn 40 when you start to feel pain without knowing why. You certainly do not want to become hunchbacked with age, do you?
  • A general feeling of well-being – It is impossible for you to improve the functioning of your muscles, your blood and lymphatic flow, your amount of endorphins and your posture without feeling a feeling of well-being in your whole body. In addition, feeling better will improve your behavior generally. People who experience pain and are in an uncomfortable state find it more difficult to feel optimistic and motivated. It is truly surprising how much a person can look different when they are not suffering anymore. It almost looks like her whole appearance is changed when she feels better. And it can affect many other aspects of your life.

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