cat backpack

Selecting a cat backpack for transporting cats is simple. First, consider the physical shape, age, and sex of the animal. Of great importance is the temperament of the four-legged. To transport a troubled baby is much more difficult than a peace-loving veteran. Therefore, you should purchase a cat backpack as comfortable as possible so that it does not frighten the animal.

Such factors as the cost of the product, its weight, functionality, and for someone the manufacturer and design are important, also influence the purchase. Especially for this case, a single catalog has been developed in which you can see photos of models, read detailed descriptions, and as a result make the right choice. A big plus of such products for cats is the presence of ventilation windows – the air circulates well and the animal feels comfortable. All models have reliable protection – even the most inquisitive animal will not be able to jump out.


Cat carrying backpack is a very convenient thing. Especially such a product is necessary when the owner travels alone. Hands remain free, the cat sits quietly behind his back, and no need to look for a place where to put a fairly large box.

If you want to buy a carrying bag for a cat in Moscow at a very affordable price, then we recommend you an online catalog of our store. Buying goods in Zookakki, you can be assured of high quality and long-term use of products. Reliable material (nylon, cotton), durable carrying handles, a variety of color shades – the choice is huge, and it is yours!

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