Tired of the misunderstandings and fights with your significant other every passing day? Are you looking forward to some counselling or some therapeutic sessions together to make things better for you both? If so, then you would be glad to know, that along with a lot of other benefits that the emotional freedom technique has, it is also very fruitful for making your relationships better. 

You and your partner can attend the sessions together or you both can help each other out for the fingertips tapping. This technique, also called the tapping technique, is categorized in three and we are describing them below briefly.

  • Single sessions

In this session, when one partner is talking about the issues and about the other partner to the therapist, the other partner sits aside and does the tapping in order to stay calm and to stay focused. Then the places are switched and again one person does the talking and the other gets busy in tapping. At a time, only one partner is sent to the therapist while the other one gets to stay and wait.

  • Joint sessions

In these sessions both the partner sit together in front of the therapist and talk about the issues they have. When one is talking, he is sure to blame the other one, which would definitely bring reactive emotions in the one who is getting blamed. So the other one, who is not talking, is made to tap to stay calm. This way they both tend to share and hear each other and sometimes the partner start feeling good for the other only by listening to their heart and knowing how much they have been going through. The EFT is all about the emotions and relationship is all about sharing and caring, when all these things get together in a session, things naturally start working out for the couple.

  • Shared sessions

In these sessions, the partners are made to sit in front of each other and look into one another’s eyes and do the talking. But care is taken that the things have gone cooler than before to avoid any big dispute, the cooling naturally happens after the upper two sessions. When the partners sit in this session they talk and tap and try to make and understanding with each other showing affection, encouragement and empathy for each other.

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