Kevin Hart Net Worth

Small stature prevented him from playing basketball, but he found another way to fame and huge fees. The most successful stand-up comedian in

America and the rest of the world, collecting stadiums and millions of box office, tells how he was afraid to joke with the Arabs, why he was arrested

At his show and what he learns from Jay Z

PLAYBOY Statistics of your last tour – five continents, 13 countries, 112 cities, 156 speeches – to the envy of any stand-up

Comic. But here is the question: how do you adapt texts depending on where you are speaking?

HART I do not change a word. Never. That’s the whole point. To become a universal comedian in all respects, you need to

Make humor that everyone understands. We sold 100,000 tickets in New York alone, three full-houses in Madison Square

Garden! This is unreal! My shows all over the world are sold out in three days, and each city has the same program.

Brooklyn, Singapore, Cape Town – ridiculous everywhere funny.

PLAYBOY Where was the most difficult room?

HART Abu Dhabi seemed to me the dumbest until I arrived there. I was terribly afraid of inadvertently offending

Someone — I heard that there were bad jokes on some issues. Well, you know, strong words, sexual content … I was a little

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Worried if there would be problems with the sheik if they let me go home. But people shook into cloth from head to toe,

Laughing to tears – over the same thing as people in Australia or Philadelphia.

Playboy in Philadelphia, you have a full stadium. How hard is it to perform in front of the 53,000 crowds in your


HART this is a brain explosion! For the first time, a stand-up comedian has assembled a football stadium! We made the

The film “What Now?” About this show: 84 cameras shot me, a giant screen was mounted on the stage, where everything I

Talked about was shown. I talked about my house – and a photo of the house appeared on the screen. I moved around the

Stage and the cameras followed me. I wanted to give the stand-up show completely unprecedented cinematic dynamics,

And I did it. Everything exploded like in Casino Royale. On the scene of the fire. And people ask: “Kevin, what the hell?

What are you doing here? ”But I have everything just like in the movies! I could not just go on stage and make a little joke.

It was too cool for simple performance. In the end, I have not invested $ 13.8 million in the show.

Playboy you personally funded it?

HART Yes, all from your own pocket. To the last cent. The film was also shot on my money. When other people invest in a

The project, they decide what to do. And when you invest yourself, all the responsibility is on you, but then you don’t have to

Share the profit.

PLAYBOY your film career is also gaining momentum – only this year, “One and a Half Spy”, “Joint Trip 2” and other

Projects were released.

HART (Laughs.) Yes, if I have no premiere for two months, I start to feel lazy.

PLAYBOY Do you share the common opinion that African-American actors are infringed on their rights in Hollywood?

HART I will not pretend that there is no problem. But at the same time, if you constantly shout about the problem, it only

Swells up in scale. It is better to seek a solution and do something so that people of different races have more

PLAYBOY, what solution can there be?

HART Here, it is considered that films with “colored” actors are sold only in the USA. But our first two “Joint trips” with Ice

Cube collected 278 million in the international box office. No one paid attention to this — that we broke the stereotype — but

Everyone still shouts that nothing changes in the industry. I do not want to dwell on the negative. Just have to plow! Rolled

The movie around the world squeezed everything out of it, and then make a new one, even better! Now, whatever Qub

And I come up with, we know that international success is possible. Film studios understood this. That’s what matters.

Playboy In almost all films, you have a star partner – Ice Cube, Will Ferrell, Dwayne Johnson. Why don’t you play the

Movie with Kevin Hart? Where is your Beverly Hills Cop?

HART I am slowly going to this. I can’t come to the studio yet and say: “Hey, give me some money, I’m ready to play in the

100 millionth movie”. In fact, “films with Kevin Hart” are recordings of my shows, and they are all successful. But to become

An international star, you need someone to help you. That’s why I am filming “One and a half Spy” with “The Rock”

Johnson, because he is the same guy. We both have this team game for the benefit.

Playboy Can you imagine yourself in a dramatic role?

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