Some of you make music all year long. Beyond the immense pleasure that music provides, this is sometimes synonymous with constraints: taking lessons, the cost of lessons or rental studios, adapting its schedule for rehearsals, studies and exercises to do, work and a certain assiduity…

So during the holidays, it is normal to take a little distance, even if only 2 or 3 weeks. This allows to release some pressure, to recharge his batteries to better resume in September.

For my part, I am convinced that this break is necessary, that we must enjoy the holidays to get away from it all, so do not do what we do every day or every week.

We can always stay in touch with the music and especially, when you put it back, do not act as if this break had not occurred.

Holidays in contact with music

Enjoy the holidays to listen to other music, go to the show, read books about composers, instruments, possibly meet, discuss, exchange with other musicians … In short, we can very well stay in touch with music even if we do not do it. It is important to expand your musical culture, to listen to other songs, other music, to discover different styles. Enjoy the holidays, when you are at rest, without stress, to let yourself be seduced by new things. Here are some additional reasons to tell you how important it is to listen to music, all music.

If you write songs, look around, be it people, landscapes, the inspiration it gives you. Take with you a small notebook where you can note some anecdotes or situations that deserve development. Our inspiration comes from our observation, all the details, facts and gestures that you can notice can be set to music. Our daily life is surely the best place to find ideas.

Of course you can always take his instrument, although some like the harmonica or the guitar are more suitable for transport than others (like the piano or the harp). I do not advise you to the instruments on tablet (type piano), the sound is average, fingering distorted, in short it cannot replace your instrument. Or there is always the option of going to a place where you can play an instrument, for example if you rent a house or spend a themed vacation. For children, there are also themed colos, like this holiday colony music and cinema.

How to resume music after the holidays?

After stopping for a few days or weeks, needless to say, the fingers may be a little numb, clumsy and the reading of notes is not as fast and fluid as it was in June. It’s almost normal, making music requires training and like sportsmen for example, if you stop the training, it will be necessary to recover.

Do not believe either that you have forgotten everything, it is not a few days or weeks off that will make you forget one or more years of musical learning. Nothing serious about that. However not following these tips could ruin your recovery.

On the one hand, do not pretend you did not stop. So, before anything else, pick up a piece you know well, that you used to play or that you had worked before the holidays. This will give you confidence by going fast enough, reading notes, technical problems and other difficulties have already been worked on.

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But be careful, resume the good habits of your musical apprenticeship: on the one hand, work slowly (metronome if possible) and a slow tempo (which you will gradually increase). Speed ​​is often a factor of failure: we want to go fast and suddenly we rush. Do not hesitate to take a few days of adaptation and recovery?

On the other hand, do some exercises of relaxation (fingers) like the famous exercises for pianists of Charles-Louis Hanno, Czernyor other methods? These exercises will allow you to get back in the saddle properly. If you’re not a fan of these pages, turn some measures of a piece into practice, either by looking for speed, or by working technique like fingering.

You can also take a piece widely within your reach, with little difficulty. Make some easy deciptions with simple pieces.

Do not overdo it at first, it’s better to work twice for half an hour than for a full hour. You may tire faster than before but it will only take a while, everything will come back as before. Above all, enjoy yourself. After a few weeks of rest, it is important to revive and do not dive directly into exercises or partitions too complicated: better to have a controlled start.

Remember that music conservatories remain the best places to properly learn the basics of music. You can also learn music online, but it is strongly advised to have a solid foundation.

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