This advice is for foreigners, especially those with a Latin culture. Do not behave like a colonialist: the job market in Pk has not waited for you, you will probably not revolutionize the company in which you will work, and especially the work culture in Pk is very particular, and especially very different from that found in foreign companies. For example, in Pk, we do not like what goes beyond what stands out. Strong individualities are not necessarily appreciated, we prefer the strength of the group and the team.

Small special mention for the French: because of the proximity of French-speaking Pk with France, it is not rare that the French candidates simply forget that they are no longer in France and forget the local specificities. And trust us, these differences are sometimes huge.

  1. be honest, and inspire confidence: a condition for landing a job in Pk

It is important not to lie or “fix” your previous positions or language level, whether in a Swiss CV, in his cover letter or in his professional profiles on social networks if you want to work in Pk. This advice is mainly for foreigners, who must understand that the word “trust” is very important in the world of work in Pk. Lying in his resume is usually spotted by the recruiter, and the recruiter will immediately terminate the relationship when he or she notices it.

  1. Finding a job in Pk also means knowing how to use professional social networks

To search for a newspaper jobs in Pk, social networks have become practically unavoidable (we can discuss the job obviously). Inescapable in the sense that social networks can find contacts, make themselves known, etc. To find a job in Pk, LinkedIn is to be preferred. It will allow you to make contact with professionals in your sector or who practice your profession, and do not hesitate to participate in discussion groups. On the other hand, any approach on LinkedIn must be well mastered. In particular, avoid direct approaches and “wild” contact. In short, there are techniques to subtly address the professionals on these networks. Social networks like Facebook can also bring you some information (see, in particular, the Facebook page!), but do not scatter. Xing is also a social network that should not be overlooked, especially if you are looking for a newspaper jobs today in German-speaking Pk.

Manage your time, and be pragmatic for your newspaper jobs search in Pk

Before finding a job in Pk (or in many countries) your research can take up to several months:

Up to 6 months, it is not surprising if you have not signed a contract of employment, but you have to have some concrete ways anyway.

A period of 6 months to a year can be considered normal, and especially if you are a foreigner and we have no experience in the Swiss job market: in this case, however, you leave with a disability, with Swiss companies generally preferring, with an equivalent profile, to take a profile with experience in the Swiss market.

At any time, you have to be pragmatic and do not be stubborn: if after sending dozens of applications you have no feedback, there is something wrong with your application file ( see point 2), or that the labor market in Pk for the sectors you are targeting is very competitive (see points 1 and 3).

To be accompanied!

There are those who are well informed, well advised and quickly operational in their research, and others. Whatever your choice, you can be accompanied in different ways. Our products and services concern all those who want to work in Pk: foreigners and Swiss, border and residents, professionals already working in Pk or not. In particular, we advise you to take a look at the different services that we offer on our Premium site .

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