With the help of CHILLINGO, a veteran company in mobile videogame productions that has already launched more than twenty videogames, Mod Apk Robbery Bob 2 Double Trouble arrives in the second part of one of the most complete games of escapism for mobile.

What is Robbery Bob?

Robbery Bob has already become the saga of games with the same title. Not only can we enjoy these games on a mobile platform, but we also have a computer counterpart. This is partly due to the graphics engine chosen by the developer of the computer game Level Eight AB. This has certain advantages and at the same time important difficulties. The fact that a graphics engine is used that allows us to export to different platforms is a great advantage when it comes to covering a much wider audience and therefore reaching more people, which is what we all look for when we develop a game, which everyone plays it. Even so, there are great problems to consider as the adaptation to hardware for different games. It must be remembered that not all platforms have joysticks!

The memory that we can afford to spend on a PC is not the same as on a phone, not only in storage but also in RAM. If we do not have a card with a good memory background in our mobile device, we will be very limited to play Mod Apk Robbery Bob Double Trouble, since it occupies a whopping half a gig of storage. It is also necessary to verify that at the technical level the execution of the code of the processor is optimal or otherwise our mobile will be so hot that we can warm up the coffee in the mornings with it.

All these problems are more or less salvageable since none has a problem that a good team (of which CHILLINGO has) cannot solve. Unfortunately, there is a problem that cannot be saved in Robbery Bob 2 Double Trouble since the game, despite being visualized with an aerial camera that gives us the feeling of 2D, uses a 3D rendering of all or most of the objects in the scene. These are the typical games that inevitably require high-performance power. If our phone is not a high-end or at least medium-high, the game can run but can have problems with speed and warming.

Robbery Bob 2 Double Trouble – Fun and tension together!

If there is something that characterizes Mod Apk Robbery Bob 2 Double Trouble, like its first delivery, it’s fun when it comes to playing. In this game, we control a thief who is dedicated to entering the houses and other properties of a community to steal the belongings of its inhabitants. But the thing is not only there because behind all these thefts is an incredible story that even, and without wanting anything, has even something to do with the aliens!

The design of levels allows us to sneak into an interactive environment with many game possibilities. We will have at our disposal an environment full of enemies patrolling the area trying to trap us. It is not a turn-based game, this has allowed an increase in tension in many of the situations that we will encounter and the implementation of a powerful AI in our enemies that will even allow them to call the police if they notice that there is a presence near or that things are not as they had left them.

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