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Welcome, AIMCO-happy! My name is Kanuri Sao; I am a writer from Kyoto. This is my third interview with game developers on the release of the Nintendo Classic Mini: the Nintendo Entertainment System. Today we will talk about super Mario bros rom – The most iconic game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

You probably know that super Mario bros rom at one time became a hit, conquered the whole world. Developers from Nintendo quite often talked about backstage games. For example, Mr. Iwata interviewed new super Mario bros rom games. Wiki (part 1, part 2 and part 3), and also on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Super Mario (part 5: Original Super Mario Developers). Interview data is available in English only.

This time we will hear revelations not only about super Mario bros rom, but also about super Mario bros room 3 , which was released in Japan three (and in Europe – six!) Years later. Among our guests is Shigeru Miyamoto, with whom we already talked about Donkey Kong in

 Part 1:­- super Mario bros rom

 Donkey Kong, as well as designer Takashi Tesuque and sound director Koji Kondo: We will learn the whole truth about the development process of super Mario bros rom 3, so read the article until the very end!

Well, the word guests! Miyamoto-san, Tesuque-san, Kondo-san…

Part 3:

  •  Super Mario bros rom
  • The quintessence of games for the AIMCO system
  • Iwata asks


Tesuque-san, you started working at Nintendo the same year as Kondo-san. At that time, it was already possible to buy AIMCO 1.


Family Computer. NES in Japan was sold as AIMCO.


  • Right. Nintendo released AIMCO a year earlier, in 1983.
  • And you had this?
  • (Sharply.) No.
  • When I joined the company, I had to buy it.
  • Kondo-san, what about you?


I didn’t have one either. However, I always played arcade machines. At that time, Donkey Kong 3 2 was very popular, so I played it for hours on end.Sao:

What were your first impressions of AIMCO?


I liked the fact that arcade games can now be played at home.


At first I thought it was a home computer.  You are not the first, not the last. In those days, it was not surprising to confuse.

Yeah. It is hard to believe that a person as distant from games and electronics, as I am, will eventually make games for this very AIMCO.

Today we will talk about super Mario bros rom Miyamoto-san, which game would you like to see at the development stage?


I wanted to create the quintessence of all the hitherto famous games for AIMCO.

Iwata asks

Two years have passed since the release of AIMCO to the release of the game in Japan, which would later become an ageless world hit. Did Tesuque-san and Kondo-san have a hand in her creation? How big was their role?

Quite. Before we hired Tesuque-san, I drew all the graphics myself. Our first joint game was Devil World 3.

3 Devil World is an adventure game for the AIMCO console, released in Japan in October 1984 and then in Europe for the NES.

Kondo-san, did this game debut for you too?


Then we did Excite bike 4 , which, by the way, is included in the Classic Mini NES game set. Tesuque-san also participated.

In Devil World, the player’s character has taken up twice the screen space than ever before. In Excite bike there was a scrolling of the screen and warping. Did you use all these latest technologies while developing super Mario bros rom?

Yes. It’s as if we collected a puzzle from different technologies in one game for AIMCO. As a result, the player’s character has become more, and the levels are longer, and the possibility of scrolling has appeared. The following year, The Family Computer Disk System 5 was released.

5 Family Computer Disk System – an accessory for the AIMCO console, released in Japan in February . Floppy disks for this system contained more data than ROM-cartridges, and players were able to save. This system was sold only in Japan.

That is why I wanted super Mario bros rom became the quintessential experience of game development for AIMCO. During the life of the console, we have learned a lot, and it’s time to show our achievements.Tezuka-san, Miyamoto-san gave you some kind of game concept when you first got to work? It was necessary to come up with a game play in which a large player character runs and jumps over fairly long distances. So you simply control the big Mario.

In one mange magazine, stories about the development of super Mario bros rom an these comics there was a moment when, due to a bug in the big Mario, only the upper half of the character’s sprite was displayed. It said that this was what gave you an idea for little Mario. Complete nonsense. I remember it as it is now. We have with Tesuque-san and Nakagami-san 6 had a meeting. All levels of the game were drawn on the board. We discussed the possibility to look ahead. –

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