A Kit contains everything you need to get started:

Brushes of different sizes, suitable for painting areas of various sizes.

A linen canvas, the size of which can vary according to the chosen model, numbered to represent the different areas to be painted.

Pots of numbered paintings, based on acrylic (dilution and cleaning with water),

specifically designed for the kit you have chosen. On each pot is a number. It will be necessary to apply on each zone the painting corresponding to the indicated number (no mixture of colors will be necessary).

A miniature photo of the expected result, to guide you when painting.

A suspension kit, including 2 screws and 2 hooks.

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How to paint a painting by number?

Once the canvas unrolled and the pots of paintings at hand, how to make a painting by numbers? Many people ask the question. It may be tempting to start with an area and try to paint all the surrounding areas in order to finish a game quickly, however you have to think about the opening/closing of the paint pots, the brushes to rinse at the same time. water when changing color etc.

This is why the method we recommend is to paint one color at a time, starting with the largest areas, preferably from the top to the bottom. This will also avoid passing your hand on painted and non-dry areas and many brush cleanings! Then fill all the colors one after the other. Allow one area to dry thoroughly before painting adjacent areas to avoid smudging. Clean the brush after you finish using a color. Do not leave any blank between the areas, everything must be colored. If you have a doubt about the color to use, do not hesitate to refer to the miniature picture of the expected result.

What types of kits are available?

Today, techniques and print quality have evolved and it is now possible to offer many kits of a wide variety.

At Figured’Art you will find a very large choice of adult painting large kits that will satisfy all your desires. Whether you love Japanese painting, dancing, boats, flowers, landscapes of Provence, animals, or even teddy bear you will always find a table to satisfy your desires. We also thought of those who would like to embark on pop art, nude painting or the painting of masters such as Van Gogh’s starry night.

We also offer dozens of children’s painting kits for which we have selected a whole range simple, fun and colorful.

In addition to our adult and children painting kits, Figured’Art makes you discover its custom paint kits from your own photos. The principle is the following: after receiving your photo, we use a technique that allows to analyze the different areas and colors and define the parking area on the canvas. Then come the printing on canvas and the creation of the pots of paintings corresponding to the necessary colors.

Whether you want to spend a moment of relaxation alone or with your children, or revive your walls by customizing the wall decoration of your home, discover the experience of our paintings on numbers to enjoy a real moment of pleasure.

Take your time, and enjoy the moment, you are now an artist!

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