Diamond painting is becoming more popular, especially in Asia and Russia. Indeed, the result is often very colorful. This creative hobby takes a lot of time, but the result can be amazing. We do not expect at all to have such a sharp image, like in 3D. The work requires a lot of patience, but for that you have to be passionate and have a taste for painting. In this article you will be introduced to the art of diamond painting, so that you can discover an entirely different facet of the painting. Rhinestones play the role of pixels on a digital image. The more there is, the smaller the size of each strass, and the better the quality of the rendering.

What does a diamond painting kit contain?

So here, there is no question of brushes or watercolor to get a pretty canvas. The paintwithdiamonds kit should include the following tools:

The canvas printed with the diagram: it is a cloth or plastic canvas (most often). It is printed with small boxes containing a symbol, a number or a letter. These symbols will be useful for pasting rhinestones, because each strasse color belongs to each symbol or number or letter.

Rhinestones (diamonds): these are small squares or circles in the shape of a diamond, but they are made of resin or acrylic. Each bag contains a color and we must take care not to mix them to have organized work. Each diamond measures about 2.8 cm, but the smaller it is, the more the effect will be real.

The style: it’s like a pen, but with a hollow end shaped round or square, depending on the shape of the rhinestones. It is with the stylus that you will catch each strasse, one by one, without having to take them by the finger. And given the meticulousness of the task, the stylus helps you place the rhinestone accurately in its place.

The plate: it is either a small box, or a small plate, which will serve you as watercolor. Indeed, you will have the rhinestones, organizing them according to their color. Since you will use glue, it would be necessary to work on a table very clean and well organized.

Glue: It is never easy to work with glue, especially to assemble thousands of small items like rhinestones, but the stylus will do the trick not to stick to your finger.

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